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Enjoy smart technology that’s simple to use while in transit by sea, land or air. We’ll help you determine the best solutions for your luxury transportation needs. Explore the possibilities to take your travel experience to the next level.


Motor Coaches / RV's      Private Jets / Aircrafts

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Create the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience while on the road with smart technology in your motor coach or RV. You’ll have simple control of music, video, lights, shades, temperature, and other connected devices integrated together in an easy to use touch screen, remote or Apple® or Android mobile device. With a single tap you can change the space for relaxing, entertaining, or dining. There’s no need to fumble with multiple remotes and switches to access entertainment or set the perfect environment as you travel cross country just as you would if you were at home in Indianapolis. We’ll create a solution suitable to your needs that factors in the often limited space requirements of your home on the road.

Common Solutions

  • Smart Home Control
  • Integrated Home Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Audio / Video
  • Climate Control
  • Wi-Fi Network 

header space transportation jet


Create the perfect travel experience while in the air with integrated smart technology on your private jet or aircraft. Enjoy simple and intelligent control of music, video, lights, temperature, seating and more from an easy-to-navigate touch screen. With a finger tap you can set the space for working or leisure in-flight. Access entertainment and adjust environmental settings, just as you would at home, to optimize comfort when flying. Our custom tailored solutions meet space and aviation regulatory requirements.

Common Solutions

  • Smart Home Automation 
  • Integrated Home Control
  • Centralized Distribution
  • Home Media
  • Audio / Video
  • Climate Control